Customer happiness is the result of retaining the customers and the oral or written advertisement of your business. For that reason, we at PLAN A develop and design websites that responds to the demands of the market. Our web design and development team’s goal is the happiness of the customers. PLAN A main concern is designing a website that is alluring, stylish, satisfying, persistent, and convenient which achieved by specific and lucid steps to obtain essential peculiarities and demands of your website.

Your website needs to act as your top salesperson, your receptionist, publicist, and customer service agent all rolled into one. One fast, well designed, mobile friendly, secured website.


Website Development

We offer through our website development a strong informative well-built design and integral marketing which allures the customer even from the first visit.

Web Portals

Web Portals are a great way to open up to other companies. Strong and sturdy portals is our gift to organizations which serves commercial clients and companies worldwide.

Custom Development

We offer custom website development services so your website will be peculiar and special. Our goal is achieved by showing the characteristic of your company and brand.

E-commerce Web Solutions

E-commerce is our expertise. Whether your business is big or small, E-commerce is one of the best ways to sell your products. It’s our easy and user-friendly designs that will accomplish this purpose.

CMS Website

If you have little knowledge of web programing and languages, don’t worry. Web CMS helps you in controlling the content of your website by using easy tools. We, at PLAN A, offer simple and clear systems to fulfill this goal.

Landing Page Development

When you use our single-page application, you accomplish the goal of providing your customer with a user experience similar to that of a desktop application. The interaction of the customer with the application involves dynamic communication with the web server.


Create a website design & development perfect for your landing page. Explore Chain Reaction for our web design options.

By blending strategic thinking with exceptional design solutions, we help to ensure that every action is effective and relevant, not simply a reactive effort. If you’ve yet to discover your brand’s full potential, let us be your guide.


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